BUTT BABY - 9-inch Dildo/Plug

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The very first of his kind, the Butt Baby is a fully insertable, anatomically correct, platinum silicone bundle of joy!
Measuring 9" in length with a max circumference of 9" at the shoulders; when inserted feet first, he will crown just like a real birthing baby boy.
The Butt Baby is 100% platinum silicone, soft and supple but firm enough for easy self-impregnation (see video), and as smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.
You've never seen anything like him before.
Experience first-hand the joy and agony of childbirth.
Surprise your parents with the grandson they've always wanted.
Bestow your husband with an heir.

Weapons of Ass Destruction Toys Designed by TIM Legendary Bottom CHRISTIAN

*Type of Toy:
  • Anal/Butt Plugs
Brand/Manufacturer :
Weapons of Ass Destruction
  • Silicone
Length-Insertable Inches:
Overall Length:

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