SCREW U II - Magnetic Nipple Clamps

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A nothing-if-not-devious set from Tom of Finland's kink collection, the Screw U II's were definitely designed to be noticed, both in terms of looks and function. Pinching nipples tight via super-powered magnetic points, the sexy gunmetal screw shapes hold secure through flicking, tugging and all the movements of playtime.

A nice big screw tip needs to be tugged firmly off the playfully threaded base for application. Place both pieces at either side of the nipple in question before slowly letting go. Reviewers have noted that an erect nipple works best, so use whatever means necessary to prime 'em up first.

Once in place, the clamps hang on tight for a stimulating pressure that's been described as quite intense, and probably more suited to experienced users. Fans of temperature play will adore the Bros's Pins, the aluminum material warms quickly to body heat and can be warmed or cooled more dramatically pre-play.

*Type of Toy:
  • Nipple Play
Tom of Finland
  • Metal

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