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1. Brad and Tom

Like a lot of guys, Tom has jerked off to Brad McGuire's celebrated cock ever since he first saw it in a T.I.M. vid years ago. When he found himself in the same room with Brad, Tom wasted no time turning his fantasies into reality, dropping to his knees to commence worship. Good li'l pig Tom eagerly obeys the superlative top's every command, from slurping Brad's meat to thoroughly eating out his hole. By the time Brad grabs a hold and starts facefucking him, Tom is riding a deep-connection fuck high. Brad shoots his load all over Tom's chest, smearing it into him and feeding him some. But even that isn't enough for this cumslut, who has to have every last drop off the floor.

2. Derek and Diego

When T.I.M.'s resident silver fox Derek Anthony showed off his throbbin' meat to Diego, the fine young cocksucker was compelled to show his appreciation the best way possible--on his knees. Diego starts out licking and swallowing Derek's cock with the utmost attention, carefully cradling his balls. As the suck session gets hot and heavy, Derek takes control, fucking Diego's willing mouth like a machine. When Derek pulls out, Diego opens wide for his reward; Derek's cum hits his tongue and sprays all over his face, dripping down onto his chest. Catching sight of himself, the happy li'l cumhound confesses, "I look like a whore."

3. DIY Gloryhole

While going through the T.I.M. archives, Max Sohl found this footage of Antonio Montez from years ago, back before he'd made a name for himself. During his initial interview with T.I.M., Antonio told us one of his fantasies is being the cocksucking cumwhore at a gloryhole, but that he's never dared to try it. A few weeks later, he called to tell us the fantasy kept growing. It had even reached the point where he went as far as to build himself his own gloryhole, which he kept at his apartment. The trouble was, he didn't have any random dicks sticking through it for him to suck off. Say no more! We sent over horny fuckers Tony and Steven. These hung studs take turns at Antonio's sweet, gloryhole-virgin mouth, ultimately surpassing his imagination as they deliver the gooey loads he's been dreaming of.

4. Keer and Ricky

It doesn't take a lot to keep some men occupied. Keer has a fat cock and a scrotum full of cum. Ricky has a warm, willing mouth. When we brought them together in a local bar, these two guys channeled the energy of all the men who have made the place so popular. Ricky wastes no time in freeing Keer's schlong from his pants and beginning to chow down. As he tends to the task at hand, Ricky savors the taste and feel of Keer's still-growing cock. Emboldened by his initial ability to swallow the monster cock, Ricky lavishes his attention on it, relishing its girth and length as it pushes down his throat again and again. Ricky doesn't neglect the head of Keer's dick, either. His tongue laps and flicks at it expertly as Keer sits back and enjoys his efforts. Ultimately, Keer delivers a load of white gold right where Ricky wants it. He proudly displays the goo before it slides down his gullet. Keer lets nothing go to waste as he directs Ricky to recover the last drops of his essence at the scene's end.

5. Dan Fisk and Mark

When Dan Fisk heard about Mark's seemingly unlimited hunger for cock, he told us he had to put it to the test. Mark wasted no time inhaling Dan's thick shaft, barely taking the time to free it from his boxers. True to his reputation, Mark never shifts focus from Dan's dick. He sucks, licks, and slurps with unwavering gusto, keeping Dan on his toes as his tongue works its magic. As the action heats up, you can almost feel the slippery warmth of Mark's mouth. Despite his obvious pleasure, Dan strives to keep his cool as Mark urges him toward the anticipated climax--but in the end Mark and his appetite win. Both men are rewarded as Dan blasts his gooey load into Mark's eager, waiting gullet.

6. Eddie Love and Antonio Montez

Eddie Love was visiting our office when Antonio Montez happened to call in. "Tell him I have big, juicy load waiting for him," Eddie joked when he heard who it was?loudly enough that Antonio got the message and, joke or not, headed right over. Eddie was waiting on the couch when he got there, and wasted no time deepthroating the lucky top in position after position, until Eddie finally delivered on his promise, spraying the overjoyed cocksucker's hungry tongue with all the white hot cum he'd been saving up. Directed by Max Sohl.

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