TIMSuck Volume 4 - DVD

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Your wish is our command: after his Treasure Island Media debut on TIMFuck earlier this year, we were flooded with requests for more of cocoa stud Kory Mitchell (formerly Kory Kong). This time around Kory's massive cock takes center stage, seducing our camera and enthralling lucky bonehead Nick Savage. Nick takes his time, worshipfully consumes every inch of Kory's monster, from pierced tip down to full, heavy balls. Even after Kory deposits spurt after spurt of thick, white-hot goo directly onto Nick's hungry tongue, it's not enough for this gluttonous cocksucker, who swallows his fill and goes back for more. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Blue Bailey's cocksucking skills are legendary, so it came as no surprise when Em Davis confessed he's been fantasizing about feeling Blue's mouth for himself. Em is more than a mouthful--but, as always, Blue is up for the challenge and takes obvious satisfaction in swallowing Em's throat-stretching sword. At times the pleasure gets so intense for Em that he has to pull Blue off to ravish that thrill-inducing mouth with his own, before pushing his aching boner back into the warm, welcoming depths of Blue's gullet. When Em finally shoots his wad, cum addict Blue takes full advantage, licking every last drop off the floor.DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Jack Allen has quickly become one of our most popular studs, judging by all the fanmail he's gotten since becoming a T.I.M. exclusive last year. Lil' K counts himself one of Jack's fans and almost couldn't believe it when we invited him to make his cocksucking fantasy a reality. Jack and his thick, veiny dick push Lil' K to his limits with a slow skull fuck, getting the kid to open up and take more cock down his throat than he ever thought he could. After pouring his spunk into Lil' K's belly, Jack can't resist going in for a taste of himself as he gives the kid a second reward with some deep kissing. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Tony Bishop's cock is a monument to manhood, and he knows it. He lets his latest worshiper, Jay Young, get an eyeful and a mouthful before dragging him across the room on his knees, hooked by that monster rod. The kid does his valiant best as the imposing girth of Tony's tattooed monster dick pushes him to the limit. After splattering Jay's tongue with jizz, Tony has the cumpup clean him up before he zips up and walks away without a backward glance. DIRECTOR: Max Sohl


Lifelong cocksucking junkie Truckee is in a constant state of need and readiness for the next schlong and jizz-filled ballsac to come his way. When horse-hung Aaron Xanders offers up his massive slab, Truckee falls into a worshipful trance. His attempts at deep throating are valiant but there's only so much he can do on his own, and he's more than grateful when Aaron takes control. The dominant top shoves Truckee all the way down on his overwhelming gullet-stretcher and holds him there, pulling out to deliver gobs of sperm to the cum devotee's tongue before letting him nurse away to his heart's content. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


From the moment Trevor saw Javin's truly monstrous 13" cock on video, he didn't know if he'd be able to take it all. But he sure as hell knew he wanted to try! After shameless and repeated requests, the ambitious bonehead finally gets his shot. He gives it his all, stretching almost impossibly wide in a Herculean attempt to choke down every inch he can. Although the sheer girth of Javin's ebony behemoth ultimately proves too much for Trevor's throat, the generous topman still rewards him with a mouthful of jizz. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Blake Daniels is all smiles as he fondles bull-hung Morgan Black's impressive length and girth. That smile gets wiped off the cockslut's face as he gags while attempting to swallow the entirety of Morgan's thick, curved dick but that doesn't stop Blake from wanting all of it and more. And Morgan gives it to him, letting the hungry bottom treat his scrotum to a tongue bath before choking Blake with his schlong again. After some teasing, Morgan finally squirts gobs of cum onto Blake's waiting tongue before letting him reverently nurse on the head once more. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Dano and Jay Daniels were both in to talk to us about shooting solos for LATIN LOADS 2 when their paths accidentally crossed. Jay took one look at Dano's humongous uncut dick and begged us to let him suck him off. Dano hadn't cum in a few days and was happy to let the young pup kneel for him. The eager lil' cocksucker makes a meal of Dano's cock and jizz load, filling his belly and leaving both men thoroughly sated. DIRECTOR: Max Sohl


At first Cory Bengal is content to lie back and let Marcus Stone do as he desires, blissing out to the sensations of the man's talented mouth on his nipples and cock. As the pleasure builds he starts to take a more active interest, encouraging Marcus to suck his balls as an interlude to the deepthroating. It's not long before Cory is on his feet, taking command as he skullfucks the worshipful cocksucker and exhorts him to "choke on that cock." Marcus is eager to oblige, only sitting back to open wide for the gobs of spunk Cory unleashes onto his tongue. As if the taste has only whetted his appetite, Marcus can't resist going in to suckle every last drop from that spurtin' head. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris


Liam Cole's visit to Belgium continues. This time Lucky Joe was in the mood to be serviced. They don't call him "lucky" for nothing! Manuel Roko happened to be in town and was more than up for the challenge. There's no hint of gagging as the masterful cocksucker gorges himself on Joe's meat, swallowing every inch of the topman's gullet-stretcher and ultimately milking out a gooey, white-hot reward. DIRECTOR: Liam Cole


A few years ago when his old friend Chuck came through town, Damon Dogg invited us along for their reunion. The two men obviously know each other well and can hardly keep their hands off one another, amping up the electricity of their intense lip-lock with some mutual nipple tweaking. Unable to resist the lure inside Chuck's trousers any longer, the infamous bonehead drops to his knees and lovingly nurses on his buddy's cock. Even as he opens wide for a juicy load, Damon can't help grinning with pure pleasure; his joy only intensifies as Chuck sprays his face with jizz, then hand feeds the hungry Dogg his cum.DIRECTOR: Paul Morris

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