TIMSuck Volume 3 - DVD

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Treasure Island Media presents TIMSuck Vol. 3, ten of the hottest cum-guzzling scenes from TIMSuck.com. Insatiable bonehounds and horse-hung tops hook up for one-on-one cock worship.

Produced by: Paul Morris

Featuring: Cory Brandon, Dominil Rider, Dominic Sol, Steven Shields, Blue Bailey, Zach Blunt, Blake Daniels, Jake Mitchell, DJ, Tennessee, Tony Bishop, Rafael Carreras, Gabriel Shams, Marcus Isaacs, Ian Jay, Antonio Montez, Efe Timur, Christian Martin, Scout and Diego.

SCENE 1 - Cory Brandon and Dominik Rider

Cory Brandon makes his return to Treasure Island Media, showing off his beautiful cock in this sizzling slurp session, and we're overjoyed at the results. So is Dominik Rider, the lucky bonehead who got to welcome Cory back personally with an open mouth. The muscle bottom is so impressed by Cory's "big fuckin' cock," he can't help commenting on it before wrapping his lips around it. At one point Dominik nearly gets overcome by his own excitement and Cory has to tell him to slow down. Fortunately, this cocksucker is as obedient as he is hungry, and it's not long before he and his talented tongue are rewarded by gobs and gobs of Cory's spooge. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 2 - Dominic Sol & Steven Shields

"Pure Pleasure" isn't just the tattoo Steven Shields has emblazoned across his collarbone--it's his life motto. 23 years old and straight, Steven claims he loves sex so fuckin' much, he has no problem with getting head from a guy as long as he gets his nut off. So we called up Dominic Sol and told him we had a horny straight dude with a boner in need of sucking off, stat. The ever-eager cocksucker makes a worshipful meal of the topman's thick meat, delivering the pleasure Steven craves and being well rewarded with a generous load of white hot spunk in return. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 3 - Blue Bailey and Zach Blunt

Like the starving cocksucker he is, Blue Bailey worshipfully inhales every inch of Zach Blunt's long, fat dick, paying as much fervent attention to the head as to the full length, down to Zach's balls. The topman is so fascinated by Blue's sweet mouth he's compelled to pull the kid up for a kiss. But Blue never loses touch with his objective, stroking Zach's schlong until he can drop down and swallow it again. Even after Zach jerks off onto his hungry tongue, all Blue can think about is getting his lips wrapped around that prodigious meat once again.Directed by Paul Morris.

SCENE 4 - Blake Daniels & Jake Mitchell

Daddy Jake Mitchell satiates dick addict Blake Daniels' hunger, switching it up with different positions as he chokes the happy bonehead with his wide, veiny cock. Jake proves more than a match for the devoted cocksucker, who needs to take a break from the topman's sheer girth now and then. But Blake never gives up, opening wide and giving it his all whether he's tonguing the tip, burying his nose in Jake's pubes as he valiantly deepthroats that massive schlong, or milking out the creamy load he so justly deserves. Directed by Paul Morris.

SCENE 5 - DJ and Tennessee

No matter how many dicks Tennessee has swallowed (and there have been a lot! The cocksucking prodigy got started before he could even shoot his own load), he's still enthralled by every new slab of man meat he's presented with. That awe and devotion is in full evidence as the Southern cock junkie devours DJ's uncut thunderstick with unbridled enthusiasm and skill. Even after he has coaxed out a satisfying bellyful of sperm, Tennessee goes in for more, suckling and nuzzling DJ's dick with utter adoration. Directed by Paul Morris.

SCENE 6 - Tony Bishop & Rafael Carreras

What do you get when you put two hot, horny tops in one room together? Heat that's off the charts, if what happened when Tony Bishop and ultra-hung Latin hottie Rafael Carreras hooked up is anything to go by! Rafael swallows Tony's tattooed rod like a champ, while Tony devours Rafael's huge man meat as if he's having his last meal on Earth. Enjoy these two tops sucking each other off and lapping up one another's man juice! Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 7 - Gabriel Shams & Marcus Isaacs

It's always a pleasure when we get two eager cocksuckers in the same room. As soon as horny studs Gabriel Shams and Marcus Isaacs get within sucking distance of each other, Gabriel leaps for Marcus' cock and swallows it like a pro. Before Gabriel can tease out his load, it's clear Marcus can't hold back any longer: he turns the tables on the obedient cum guzzler to get a taste for himself. We let these two tatted boys duke it out on our couch for a while. In the end they both get what they want--a solid taste of each other's rock-hard shafts and enough cum to feed a family of five. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 8 - Ian Jay and Antonio Montez

Cocksucker extraordinaire Ian Jay gets his fill of prime, uncut man meat as he puts his talented mouth to work on lucky Antonio Montez. The TIM stud devours Antonio's thick cock, milking out the cum he's so desperate for and swallowing it down without missing a drop. By the time Antonio shoots off, he's worked up such an uncontrollable appetite of his own that he's compelled to return the favor: dropping to his knees, he opens wide for the creamy load Ian jacks off into his starving mouth. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 9 - Efe Timur and Christian Martin

Cock fanatic Efe Timur starts out on his knees and never gets off them as he hungrily services Christian Martin's monster dick. Occasionally Christian has to manhandle the Euro bonehead into giving him the blowjob he wants, exactly how he wants it--and every time Christian grabs his skull, Efe responds by surrendering wholly to the face-fucking. After gorging himself on the topman's massive dick, Efe opens wide for the gobs of jizz Christian delivers to his eager tongue. The starving cocksucker swallows everything Christian feeds him, licking up all remaining traces of goo before the two men meet in a mutually appreciative kiss. Produced by Paul Morris.

SCENE 10 - Scout and Diego

This is one from back in the days when cute li'l bonepuppy Scout used to hang around our office, taking any chance he could to swallow some cock 'n' cum. On this occasion he got lucky when he caught Diego fresh from a photo shoot and keyed up for action. All it took was one look and Scout was on his knees, exploring the topman's meat with heated anticipation before wrapping his lips around that fat, throbbin' schlong. From nursing on the tip to gagging himself on the full length, Scout holds nothing back as he gives Diego the ultimate pleasure and release. The bellyful of hot spooge Scout winds up with is his richly earned reward. Directed by Paul Morris

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