TIMFuck Volume 5

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Clocking in at over two hours, the ten hardcore bareback fuck scenes feature a stable of horny men, including TIM favorites Brad McGuire, Christian, DJ, Drew Sebastian, Peto Coast, Antonio Biaggi, Derek Parker, and more. 

Highlights of the ass pounding and breeding include Drew Sumrok’s bareback debut; a three-way with Marcus Isaacs, Dominic Sol, and Morgan Black; and a brutal, unforgettable pounding delivered to Alex Bates by fuck monster Peto Coast.

Produced by: Paul Morris

Featuring: Matt Sizemore, Drew Sumrok, Drew Sebastian, John Dahl, Marcus Isaacs, Dominic Sol, Morgan Black, Anton Dickson, DJ, Antonio Biaggi, Danny Blue, Christian, Lewis Quintini, Derek Parker, Peto Coast, Alex Bates, Noah King, Sebastian Slater, and more.

Runtime: 2 hours and 15 minutes

SCENE 1 Matt Sizemore & Drew Sumrok Bodybuilder bottom Drew Sumrok makes his bareback porn debut in this exclusive TIMFuck scene. Here at Treasure Island Media we're all about turning men's dreams into reality. So when Drew told us he'd go bareback if we could make his ultimate desire come true, we told him to name it. "I want to get plowed by Matt Sizemore," he confessed. One phone call later, Matt was on his way to fulfill Drew's fantasy. The dominant topman doesn't hold back, pounding the boy into submission before breeding his hole deep. Afterward, when we joked with Drew to be careful what he wished for, he only grinned: "No regrets." Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 2 Drew Sebastian & John Dahl The air is thick and practically dripping with sexual chemistry when TIM Exclusives Drew Sebastian (in his Treasure Island Media debut) and John Dahl meet up for the first time. They can't keep their hands and mouths off each other, kissing as if they're reunited lovers. Dropping to his knees, John teases himself with a worshipful exploration of Drew's jean-clad length before Drew opens up to let him nurse on the head. Before long, all clothing has been stripped away and Drew is balls-deep in John's sweet hole, delivering a thorough dicking that has John groaning in pure ecstasy. The intensity of their connection builds through all the different positions they fuck in, until Drew finally fills John up with a white-hot load. After hand-feeding John the cum scooped out of his ass, Drew encourages the delirious bottom to shoot his own load and lick it off the sheets. Their bond continues post-orgasm as they finish off with a shower together. Directed by Paul Morris.

SCENE 3 Marcus, Dominic & Morgan Handsome, hairy Marcus Isaacs makes his porn debut in this sizzling scene, featuring boyfriends Morgan Black and Dominic Sol. The real-life lovers put the new boy through his paces, culminating in an astounding and relentless double penetration that just keeps going and going, stretching the bottom's tight li'l hole to new limits. Marcus loves every minute of it, purring and moaning like a chupacabra bitch in heat, and proving he's definitely one to watch. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 4 Frank, Kevin, Nikos & Anton Young Frank was eager to prove to Liam Cole that he's as hungry a fuckhole as our London director has ever met. So Liam called in thick-dicked topmen Kevin, Nikos, and Anton, and handed the kid over to them. Frank goes after their cocks like a drowning man being tossed a life preserver. While the cock slut devours one slab of manmeat after another, Anton takes advantage of his preoccupation to get a taste of his hole. Then the fun really begins as the three tops take turns pounding Frank's ass, pushing him closer and closer to the pinnacle of ecstasy. Filled with multiple loads and surrounded by the men who dumped them, Frank joins them in ultimate satisfaction as he beats off.Directed by Liam Cole.

SCENE 5 DJ and Antonio Biaggi Ever since DJ became a TIM Exclusive last year, people have been asking over and over when they were going to get to see him fuck. When Antonio Biaggi met DJ for their scene in Milk It, he took one look at DJ, pulled Max aside, and said, "I get to fuck him, right?" Sorry Antonio, DJ is a top. "So I get to fuck him, right?" Antonio wasn't taking a "no," so Max said he'd see what he could do. When he asked if DJ would be up to it, at first DJ thought he was joking: "Have you seen the size of Biaggi's dick?" Ultimately, DJ agreed and this scene is what happened next. Let's just say that when all was said and done, Antonio announced that DJ was the best bottom he had ever fucked.Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 6 Drew, DJ & Danny Cock-n-cum addict Danny Blue goes for another round with Drew Sebastian, doubling his fun when DJ decides to get in on the action. While DJ gags Danny with his meaty cock, Drew takes his time teasing the kid with his tongue, eating out Danny's boy-cunt before pushing in balls-deep. Danny takes his spit-roasting like a champ, writhing with helpless joy between the master topmen as they use and abuse his holes in pursuit of their own pleasure. When they finally dump their payloads, no drop escapes the kid's hungry mouth as he lowers himself to lick stray gobs of goo off the sheets. Directed by Paul Morris.

SCENE 7 Christian & Lewis Quintini Lewis Quintini has been a fan of Christian ever since seeing him in Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours. When Liam Cole mentioned that to the ever hungry, up for anything bottom, Christian was more than happy to indulge Lewis' desire for a one on one. Liam set it up immediately and in this scene, Lewis finally gets a chance to plow the ass he's been admiring for so long. He takes the opportunity to indulge in a long, slow, deep, focused fuck. Directed by Liam Cole.

SCENE 8 Derek Parker & Morgan Black Sexy inked stud Derek Parker was eager to show off his total pig side, taking his first on-camera load from handsome top Morgan Black. Morgan teases Derek's hole, first with his tongue and then with his cock, until Derek is begging to get fucked and seeded. Morgan is happy to oblige, mercilessly ramming and slamming Derek's hole with his massive, cut meat. When Derek can't hold back any longer, he shoots his jizz and feeds it to Morgan, setting off a chain-reaction explosion of sperm. Directed by Max Sohl.

SCENE 9 Peto Coast & Alex Bates Hungry young pig Alex Bates was very happy to take a drilling from one of his porn heroes--European fuck monster Peto Coast, who needs no introduction. Alex was last seen getting his hole worked out by Lito Cruz in Outlaws and he's back here again for more of the same. Brutal and relentless, he takes it all like the greedy cock slut he is. Directed by Liam Cole.

SCENE 10 Noah, Enzo & Sebastian Blindfolded and tattooed, bear bottom Noah King surrenders himself and his holes to Euro studs Enzo and Sebastian Slater. The dominant tops take turns stretching his ass and throat with their stallions cocks as they spitroast him, drawing continuous moans of pure pleasure and insatiable hunger from the helpless bottom. The deep connection between the topmen is undeniable as they spur one another on in an intense, heated fuck session that ultimately leaves all three men gratified to exhaustion. Directed by Liam Cole.

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