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Giddy Up piggies!  RAWHIDE is a new collection of gut-breeding scenes directed by NICK MORETTI from TIMFUCK.  Featuring many hot and incredible duos like JACE CHAMBERS & RYAN POWERS in a sling, real life husbands FELIPE DURAN & SEAN DURAN in their first public porn fuck, a blindfolded RILEY MITCHEL being used by RAY DIESEL, CLAY TOWERS & BLAKE HOUSTON in what starts as an anon pump & dump and ends up as a super fucking on the open seas - - - an amazing 3-way between JAKE MORGAN, JON GALT & VIC ROCCO - - - and the grand finale:  one of Moretti’s signature gangbangs with American Hero SEAN HARDING getting railed by Jace, Sean, DEVIANT OTTER & JAXX THANATOS.

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