TIM Classics Vol. 4: Unbreakable

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Limited Edition 3-DVD Set

Treasure Island Men are relentless, and though they stretch the limits of their bodies and spirits, they never break.


DAWSON. There's never been anyone like him. Deeper is the vid that exposes the darker, raunchier side of the world's premier male cum-slut. Dawson takes cock after cock, man after man, load after load. By the end of it al,l the niceness is peeled away and you see a side of Dawson that's usually hidden;  grimy, dirty, on-his- knees & pissed-off. But is he broken? NEVER. Does he want more? ALWAYS.

Fucking Dawson are Jake Philips, Jake Anderson,Jay Taylor, Dax Dekker, Steve Parker, Jerry Stearns, Lukas Rockard, John Andrews, DJ Hunter


In Max Sohl's Up the Gut, the biggest-cocked master topmen pummel some of our favorite power bottoms. The whole thing culminates in a double-bottom gangbang, featuring Lucas and Cory Koons taking on ten TIM Tops!

Starring Antonio Biaggi, Tyler Marks, Christian, Kurt Wood, Lucas, Kurt Kaiser, Brad McGuire, Puppy, Hot Rod, Angyl Valentino, Dimitri Santiago, Keer, Leo Donato, Luke Thomas, Cory Koons, Ian Jay, Paris Jackson, Alejandro Wild.


CUM. We live for it, worship it, hunger for it. And the men in this movie BEG for it. Director Max Sohl filmed this extravaganza of all Internal Cumshots.

Featuring  Pat Jackson, Christian, Johnny Farrell, Jay Ross, Jared Marshall,  Brad Mcguire, Mark Sergeant, Daniel Bradford, Cory Brandon, Dano, Jace Hawk, Javier, Kurt Kaiser, Ligee, Marcelo Masko, Antonio Montez, Chris Neal, Chris Rod, Sean, Sergio, Marc Short, Will St. John, Sean Victor & Matt Walker

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