Solitary PLUS Confinement Cage with Cum-Thru Plug

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This chastity device is perfect for Nubbers.

This intensely constricting stainless steel chastity device will squeeze you tight and keep you locked shut - trapped for as long as you or your Sir wants.

The Solitary+ comes with two different sized base rings to surround your cock and balls for extra security.

With the attached cum-through urethral plug, you'll be will be able to urinate and, if you can manage, ejaculate through the plug.

Give away the keys, and the sturdy cock cage will ensure that you cannot find release until you are allowed to.

The Solitary is also available without the cum-thru plug.

*Type of Toy:
  • Chastity
  • Urethral Sounds
Brand/Manufacturer :
Master Series
  • Stainless Steel
Length-Insertable Inches:
Overall Length:
Width in Inches:
1.75" - 2"

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