Mexican Corruption

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MEXICAN CORRUPTION (condoms, pissing) – Mecos Films gives us four slices of Mexican life, including a Mafia gangbang, a sex slavery ring, a dirty cop, and a soldier with a fondness for watersports. The film is available outside of Mexico for the first time thanks to an exclusive partnership between Mexico’s premium gay porn studio and TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA, who is collaborating with Mecos to produce new bareback videos.


Scene 1 – “El Poli” The Cop

Fresh from a drug score, two studs are stopped by a local cop who forces his big night stick down both men’s eager throats until they share his load. Still horny after the cop leaves with all of their money, the studs get busy with some hot fucking action in a friend’s house.

Scene 2 – “El Fresa” Strawberry

Cruising a hookup website, a cute boy is told a wild story by a spoiled rich kid (Strawberry) who claims to have been abducted and gangfucked by the Mexican Mafia in an all-too-common ransom scheme. During a flashback, we see the kid get beaten, tied up, and fucked with a gun while his father listens over the phone. Meanwhile, the cute online boy jams a few fingers up his ass and gets off to the lurid story.

Scene 3 – “El Indio” The Indian

A city slicker cons a local Indian kid into leaving his country life behind and following the man to Mexico City. Before leaving town, the man fucks the kid hard, loosening him up for the slave-ring customers who will soon enjoy taking turns with the boy’s ass.

Scene 4 – “La Meada” Pissed On

A cute hustler stops to take a piss in an alley and gets busted by a soldier who has needs of his own. The hustler soaks it in, loving every drop of fresh piss served up by the officer. The two duck into a garage and the soldier fucks the cum out of the kid, who returns the favor by swallowing the soldier’s load and pissing all over him.

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