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"I've always loved the sexual passion and freedom among man-fuckers in Mexico. And for years I've looked forward to producing a movie that featured nothing but Mexican dudes fucking and getting fucked," stated Paul Morris, T.I.M. founder and creative genius. "Working closely with the awesome guys at Mecos (slang for CUM), we put together what I believe is a fuckin' scorcher of a video."

MECOS [cum] runs over 119 minutes, with six cum-busting scenes, featuring Mexico's hungriest whore bottoms, skillfully taking the monster cocks of their hombres.

MECOS [cum] is high energy, raw fucking TIM fans will be begging to see more of. Lucky for them, MECOS [cum] is a first in what looks to be a longstanding series from the partnership between Mecos Films and Treasure Island Media.

Scene 1
Dos Cargas para El Chivo (Two Loads for El Chivo)

EL CHIVO is a hungry Latin whore bottom who wants to play with TEZCA’s big Mexican boner, sucking it, slurping it, worshipping it, and finally sliding down hard on it. Top-hombre TEZCA knows how to pound a lil' puto ass, driving his cock in deep.

Then ‘SEWER BOY’ joins the two fuckers. This lean little stud is known in Mexico City as a door-to-door handyman who sells his stud service for $10. Just bend over and SEWER BOY starts to fuck, a trashy no-nonsense hole-fucker. SEWER BOY bones EL CHIVO hard and squirts his jizz into his gaping hole. Then TEZCA uses SEWER BOY’s sperm as lube, fucking until his own jizz mixes with SEWER BOY’s in EL CHIVO's guts.

Scene 2
Golpeando el Hoyo de Jackson (Pounding Jackson's Hole)

"JACKSON" is a nice middle-class University student in Mexico City and wanted to try bareback sex with two wild hombres. We made sure he knew what he was getting into, and then we gave him JOHANN and SEWER BOY, both rough men-of-the-street. The two tops take turns tapping handsome JACKSON’s juicy culo and the results are awesome.

SEWER BOY is pretty much a human fuck-machine. He doesn't start easy or slow, he just pumps his dick deep into whatever hole presents itself. He pumps JACKSON’s ass hard while JACKSON sucks JOHANN’s dick. The two tops keep rotating spit-roasted JACKSON till they're ready to spew. SEWER BOY shoots first, and this pushes JOHANN over the edge and a second load gets added to the mess of sperm in JACKSON’s fine little ass.

Scene 3
Marco Doble Relleno (Marco Double Stuffed)

The energy was perfect for this three-way fuck. The tops--LORENZO and ARMANDO--couldn’t wait to stuff their cocks up MARCO’s fuckhole. At first they take turns, but then they fuck MARCO at the same time. MARCO was shocked that he was able to take both dicks at once. The energy was so hot that even the camera man pulled out his own cock and shot a load onto MARCO’s hole just before LORENZO and ARMANDO unload.

Scene 4
Brandon y Pedro (Brandon & Pedro)

When BRANDON saw PEDRO T’s monster dick, he happily and helplessly devoted a lot of time to sucking and worshiping the big thing. Among Mexico City sex pigs, PEDRO T is called “The Bull-man”--and for good reason!

PEDRO T couldn’t wait to bury his monstrous cock balls-deep inside BRANDON’s ass. And as soon as that huge thing starts slamming inside him, BRANDON knows he’s never going to walk the same again. If you've ever been soul-pummelled by a huge cock, you'll recognize the bottom's many varied expressions: pain, pleasure, bliss, shock. The bullman drills the squealing bottom hard and deep, taking ownership of BRANDON ’s muscled ass.

Scene 5
Trio Lleno de Mecos Riguroso (Cumsloppy Threeway)

ALDO is a cum whore. In fact, he arrived at the studio after being in a sex club, his ass already full of cum. For months ALDO had been telling us he wanted the famous SEWER BOY’s dick in his ass. We were happy to oblige! (Aldo even paid Sewer Boy's $10 fuck-fee.) And because we knew that ALDO always wants more cock and more sperm, we also brought in local top ESTEBAN to give ALDO’s ass a serious hammering.

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