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Victimizer of men and manipulator of the down-trodden, JACK MILLER returns with his ninth installment of the KOJO series. In KOJO, JACK's perennial study of broke and broken men, each man swallows "knock out"
pills and booze. Once they’re deep in a “hard nap”, JACK and his buddies fondle to their heart’s delight.

NOTE: All men involved sign complete and binding waivers beforehand. This may be immoral, but it's all good, legally-speaking.

Scene 1" "JAY": The first thing JACK noticed about JAY was his hairy legs. The sexy homeless dude was sitting by a crosswalk smoking a cigarette, asking for spare change. JACK made his pitch and scored. As he slipped into his hard nap, he kept saying “Thanks, man.”

Scene 2 "JOE": Kicked out of his apartment two weeks ago for stealing a few dollars from his roommate, JOE was wandering the street alone. He said he didn’t care what happened to him anymore. Sleep tight, JOE.

Scene 3 "BOB": BOB found his wife cheating on him with another woman, and his world ended. So JACK picked him up and gave BOB a chance to make a few bucks and get fondled by a dude. He just asked to not remember anything.

Scene 4 "TENNESSEE": Fresh out of community college, TENNESSEE has that innocence of a lost young man with a lot of built up testosterone, and a willingness to experience anything new.

Scene 5 "SKY": A tender and sweet man who is in love with anything filled with booze. JACK wanted to see how far he could go with SKY. It was too fucking easy.

Scene 6 "ED": ED lost his job as a security guard, and his family was kicked out of their apartment. He was looking for a job when he met JACK. His wife doesn’t know, but this is how the family got fed for a week.

Scene 7 "DYLAN": One of DYLAN’s friends told him to go to JACK when he said nothing gets him off anymore. DYLAN told JACK that he heard he brings the dead back to life. “You might say that, kid,” was JACK’s response. “You just might say that.”

Scene 8 "DIEGO": This one was just released from prison, and began diving back into drugs after five years. It unlocked something dark in him. Sometimes you have to put an animal under before you handle it.

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