Knocked Out Jerked Off 7

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Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media present KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7, the latest in Jack Miller's video series examining the naked male form in a hands-on, up close and personal way.

In each KayoJayo vid, Miller propositions young men with an offer of cash and booze in exchange for taking a "knock out" pill, yielding their unconscious bodies to an exploring hand.

In KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7, Miller—who usually does the fondling himself—enlists the helping hand of a buddy recently released from military service to coax out thick jets of cum from men who've never let another man touch their cocks until now.

From the construction worker to the guy who scrapes a living from donating sperm, from the unemployed college graduates to the archaeology student who dreams of Mayan ruins, the five men featured in KNOCKED OUT JERKED OFF 7 exemplify the masculine form in all its glory.

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