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Rude, crude and fearlessly real.  Unabashedly honest.  This is JAROD STEEL: MANFUX REDUX, the new movie from VINCENT VALENTINE.  And oh yeah.  Jarod Steel is back and he’s all grown up and still addicted to cum! 

Jarod Steel caused a stir back in the day when bareback movies were just becoming popular.  This hot cute twink, hungry for cum and taking loads when hot young twinks didn’t do that kind of thing.  Now is older but still just as hungry for jizz.

JAROD STEEL: MANFUX REDUX features 3 new scenes with Jarod including a gangbang with 10 top men, and 4 other new scenes.  Appearing Jameson Ash, Danny Boy, Jordan C, Johnny Castro, Peyton Chrimata, Jesse Clark, Jack Dixon, Maxx Ferro, Louie L’Amour, Riley Landon, Wolfie Braden Shaw, Sky Soren, Jay Taylor, Dev Tyler and Cody Winter.

Treasure Island has found a new pornographer in Vincent Valentine.  He is the real deal.  

First scene Jarod establishes himself as the fucking sexy pig star that he is. And Max Ferro, Maxxxxxx Ferro, MAX FERRO. Thank you TIM.
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