Getting Off: The Unlikely Chronicles of a Solosexual on PrEP - ebook

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What happens when the man once dubbed “The World’s Most Famous Solosexual” goes on PrEP and dives back into the world of gay partnered and penetrative sex? Jason Armstrong reveals an incredible journey of sexual adventure and self-exploration in his follow up to the acclaimed Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator.

Since the publication of Solosexual, Jason has discovered new aspects of the world of sexuality—both around him and inwardly. The advances of PrEP open his eyes to new possibilties. Follow along as Jason takes you with him into the world of bathhouses, sex clubs, prostitution, porn, drugs, and peep shows to discover how men are having sex and where they are finding it—all seen through the eyes of one for whom masturbation is king.

Or is it?

Jason Armstrong

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