Drunk On Cum: The Box Set

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For years Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media's visionary founder and owner, has documented his passion for cocksucking and cocksuckers in the landmark swallow series DRUNK ON CUM (DOC).

Disc 1

This one features three nut-bustin' cocksucking parties. The action gets started with BILLY WILD, who sucks, worships, and swallows cum from a group of men sporting big, beautiful dicks like he's starving and desperate for a protein fix. This is followed by huge blowjob party at notoriuos San Francisco bar The Powerhouse, featuring ERICH LANGE, TOM TOMORROW, MIKE O'NEILL, and a host of young men who have never been in a porn video before but wanted to show off their love of sucking and getting sucked, feeding and getting fed.

We threw the third oral party for ERIK BORDEN, a master cocksucker who has devoted his life to serving the cocks of any and all men. After ERIK gives every man in the room the best blowjob possible, he's so full of sperm that he needs to jerk off. Sucking all that cock got him so excited that he actually has multiple orgasms, coming five times in a row until his balls are totally empty and there's no more jizz to shoot out.

Disc 2

The highlight of DOC 3 is the cum-eating contest between self-styled "Snowball King" CAEDON CHASE and cumslut-without-limits DYLAN. In the first scene, we teamed CAEDON with ALLEN ADAMS—the two of them look like they're making sperm taffy, with huge gooey wads of manjuice drooling back and forth, mouth to mouth. For DYLAN's turn, we put together a major cum-soaked, jizz-guzzling party. After all the men were drained and spent, DYLAN's wild-eyed love for cock, men, and semen gave him a hairs-breadth lead in getting the Big Prize: an afternoon of even more cock-jelly for his cumwhore belly!

Sometimes, of course, a man just wants to focus on a single, big, fat cock—and DOC 3 gives them their due: lucky stud DAN FISK gets sucked off by JEREMY OLIVER and worshipped by BRAD DAVIS in separate scenes, while horse-hung JERRY STEARNS gets serviced by a hot, anonymous cocksucker.

Disc 3

Following the tradition established in DOC 3, we held another cocksucker contest, with a crowd of men waiting to be sucked off as the prize. This vid introduced the world to zero-limits cock-worshipper WILL BOTTOM, who went against muscle-bottom DOG-BOY in a room filled with over a dozen men. From the outset it was obvious that while DOG-BOY was sexy, tattoo'd and hungry for dick, WILL was the real deal. For his prize, WILL was given a warehouse full of literally dozens of men to blow. We weren't sure that even WILL would be able to manage it by himself so, to help out, we brought in PHOENIX SANCHEZ.

Changing gears, there's also plenty of one-on-one cock worship in DOC 4, featuring legendary ERICH LANGE, straight dude MIKE, hung daddy DAN FISK, 19 year old porn virgin SKY, BRAD DAVIS, MASON GARRETT, and others.

Disc 4

This one truly has it all: there's KLEP's cum-saturated bukkake, hungry Latin bonesmoker TONY on his knees at a gloryhole, sexy muscle-buck JASON MITCHELL getting his pretty face stretched out by a group of dominant men, natural born cocksucker treating studs KEER, JAKE FILLUPS, and FYERFLI to some silky throat action, and AIDEN CAMP and JAMES ROSCOE nursing on PAUL STAG's truly huge uncut schlong.

And then there's the "Buck-a-Suck" event we threw in Chicago, where all a man had to do was pay JAMES ROSCOE a dollar and he sucked their cock, swallowed their spurtin' spooge. The scene here includes highlights from a very full afternoon of diligent service, with JAMES crawling on his knees, beggin' for more and more and more cock.

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