Double Scorpio Cleaner - Gold 15ml

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Double Scorpio Gold is our most complex formula yet featuring a Holy Trinity of three isomers. In scientific terms, it means it’s luxury, henney. Gold is scented with papaya essence and comes in a stunning gilded bottle. When you pull this out of your nightstand, everyone in the room will know you mean business.

Double Scorpio
  • Isobutyl Nitrite ,
  • N-Butyl Nitrate ,
  • Tert-Butyl Nitrite
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This is supposed to be the top of the line when it comes to Double Scorpios products. I have tried many of their poppers, and generally find them to be of average strength at best. The big deal about DS products is the added scents. Unfortunately I found this to be the absolute worst bottle of poppers I have ever bought. The papaya scent is barely there, and the poppers were so weak, there was no effect from them. Perhaps I just got an bad or outdated bottle, but I am definitely glad that I bought on sale, as I would be livid if I had paid $34 for these at full price. If you want to try DS, give the Black or Green bottles a go, as they have the best scents, but if you are looking for really strong poppers, I woudl go with a different brand all together.
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